The Economic Development team of Queenstown Lakes District Council want to understand the characteristics of residents who derive their income remotely and determine whether they are satisfied with their status quo and whether they are keen to explore opportunities to have a stronger local connection.

What we hope to achieve:

Diversifying and building more resilience in an economy is the backbone of an economic development strategy.

For those looking for change we are keen to know what this would look like for them (e.g. starting a new business, getting involved with existing business). Finally, we want to know what is holding them back from making the change and what support they would appreciate.


The QLDC Economic Development Strategy, adopted by the Council in February 2015, has as an aspiration a higher value and more diverse economy. Fundamentally, this means finding ways to reduce our reliance on tourism.

We know there is a pool of talented people who call our District home but who make their income elsewhere.

Little is known about this group and this Remote Economy Survey is a research project to understand this group, and their level of satisfaction with their current situation. The project will lead to recommendations about the potential for some of these people to get more involved in our local economy.


All information submitted in this study is confidential and individually identifying information will not be distributed publicly. Data collected is anonymised for our research team to analyse and build reports and recommendations.

Leading the study

This research study is being conducted under the leadership of Kate Campbell, Lead Researcher at Remote Economy, based in Arrowtown. Contact the research team.